Pellet Technology USA’s PowerCubes have less protein and fat than distiller’s grain cubes … by design.   PowerCubes help when consistency counts. When aggressive cattle push forward and overfeed while your more docile cattle are left hungry. When your feed supplement is too concentrated or when maintaining the body condition scores of your entire herd is key.
 – the effective fiber makes them better. 

Answering all your questions about range cubes from companies like Purina, Nutrena, ADM, Pellet Tech, Hubbard and Kent.

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Tough. Effective. Consistent

PowerCubes are Tough
PowerCubes are hard, high-energy, naturally fortified range cubes that weather well through wind and rain and feed even better.

PowerCubes are Effective
A next generation feed product made with a unique blend of effective fiber that makes up for nutrition gaps encountered by cattle grazing low quality forages and pastures or too hot of a supplement. PowerCubes™ help to maintain weight and body condition through winter and droughts.

PowerCubes are Consistent
Our Slow Release Energy Technology combines a higher level of fiber than you’re probably used to seeing and a special source of fat that allows your cattle to slow their digestion. The great taste and scent of PowerCubes will draw in your herd so you can keep an eye on them. You’ll be pleased to see healthier, heavier cows at calving, more and better quality colostrum and fewer sick, downer cows and calves.


In tough conditions like this, your most important feeding questions are "Why?", "What?", "When?" and "How Much?".
In tough conditions like this, your most important feeding questions are “Why?”, “What?”, “When?” and “How Much?”.

PowerCubes are designed with digestibility and durability in mind.   Only the highest quality local ingredients are used in our manufacturing process so you get the best quality feed. 

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“I brought in some bred heifers and I believe the PowerCubes played a significant role in restoring them to good health.

– One of our feed customers in Nebraska


“My cows got along great through birthing and after while supplementing with PowerCubes.

– One of our feed customers in South Dakota


“Supplementing corn stalks with PowerCubes is a perfect match to maintain and even improve  body condition.

– One of our feed customers in Iowa


What’s the difference between PowerCubes™ and other cubes?

PTUSA’s unique manufacturing process doesn’t expose ingredients to steam conditioning, excess heat, rapid cooling, or any other types of potentially degrading processes, instead, PTUSA uses a low energy, nex-gen process that allows for PowerCubes to be produced without the use of binders, additives or fillers.   PowerCubes are designed with animal performance in mind.   When it comes to balancing your cost, nutrient ratios and the overall value to your livestock, PowerCubes™ are not just densified byproduct(s) or made with the cheapest ingredients, each ingredient that goes into PowerCubes™ is improved or enhanced in some way through our manufacturing so that 1+1 can = 3 in your feeding program.


How much should I feed per day?

Typically 2-6 pounds per head per day. 


Do PowerCubes weather well?

We design PowerCubes to weather very well. In our processing and through our experience and know-how with fiber, we can create a hydrophobic (water repelling) surface for each cube. This is distinct to PowerCubes™. Our other products ForageEQ and PowerFeedPellets are made with similar profiles but different properties based on how the makeup and hardness of each product can positively effect its digestion and handling. 


What research has been done on PowerCubes?

PTUSA has worked with the University of Nebraska on several feed trials, one of which compared the first generation of PowerCubes to feeding solely high or low quality forage (view Product Knowledge Files). We also have a good customer base of existing feeders who very much enjoy using PowerCubes 



Are there any animal based ingredients (fats, meats, etc.) used in producing PowerCubes?

Absolutely not.


What is the TDN?

Well over 90. When formulating 95 is a good # to use.
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