Distillers Grain Range Cubes from Pellet Technology USA!

Here you will find  high quality distillers grain (DDGS) range cubes that are carefully sourced from pre-qualified suppliers and proudly produced at our York facility by our expert local manufacturing team. 

Our Goal

Growth & Expansion

With the goal of providing exceptional customer service, fulfilling the product demand in the region, and bringing additional value to a broader base of feeders, we decided to expand the manufacturing capabilities of our ~90 acre footprint in York in 2017.  After completing our facility expansion and aligning all our processes by the end of 2018, Pellet Technology USA will be offering our new, high quality, distillers grain range cubes – PowerCubes™.


Our Facility

The plant located in York, NE has been operational since it’s commissioning in the fall of 2016.   With the knowledge we accumulated through learning experience while pursuing excellence, we will be manufacturing and offering a high quality feed that is FSMA compliant, produced with cGMP certification and QA/QC tested every hour, every day.

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The Process

Our team has developed an exciting new way to process distillers grain into a highly densified, highly nutritious package that makes feeding your cows and calves easier than ever before. You can rest assured that our dedicated distribution centers, expert local dealers and prompt delivery fleet drivers will exceed your expectations.

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Our DDGS Cubes

Beef cake, energy pellets, magic cubes, golden grains… Whatever you choose to call them, dried distillers grain range cubes like that of PowerCubes™ have proven to provide significant improvement in herd health and performance that will change the way you feed forever.

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The Next Generation of Feed™

PowerCubes™ Deliver

What separates PowerCubes™ from other products is our experience in industries that helped build DDGS into what it is today. Pellet Technology USA's PowerCubes™ are the result of corn ethanol producers, logistics, feed and nutrition industry leaders coming together to make a superior product for you, the cattle producer. Why? Because it is our mission and privilege to embark on the re-greening of America's agricultural roots by creating high quality products that are easy to deliver and successful to feed. We only use the safest distillers grain and most effective processes to ensure every load of PowerCubes™ you buy from us will arrive at your door with consistent nutrition, on-time delivery and the best customer service you have ever experienced ... GUARANTEED!!!

Cube Specs

Pellet Technology USA

Where to Buy

PowerCubes™ are currently available at select dealers throughout the Midwest
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